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PEX tubing is made of high molecular weight polyethylene that is cross-linked through the injection of peroxide at high pressure and temperature.

This process ensures a product with excellent thermal and mechanical properties, even cross-linking throughout its mass, and great flexibility.

This manufacturing method allows for achieving what is called PEXLock, the highest quality.

They can be used in installations for both cold and hot potable water, in heating systems ideal for radiant floor heating and radiators, in industrial applications for transporting a wide variety of chemicals with the possibility to work at high pressures and temperatures of up to 130°C.

PEX pipe has thermal memory, a long lifespan, does not require welding, does not age, requires minimal labor, and is lightweight and easy to handle. There is a complete range of diameters and fittings available.

Therefore, at Flairit, we offer the following product catalog. Additional information about the products offered by Flairit:

  1. Manifold for PEX: A manifold for PEX is a central distribution point in a plumbing system. It allows you to control the flow of water to different parts of your plumbing system, making it easier to isolate and service specific areas. Manifolds for PEX are commonly used in radiant heating systems and other plumbing applications.
  2. Valves for PEX: Valves for PEX are used to control the flow of water within PEX tubing systems. They come in various types, such as ball valves or gate valves, and they enable you to turn water on or off to specific sections of your plumbing system. Valves are crucial for maintenance and emergency shut-off purposes.
  3. Compression Fittings: Compression fittings are connectors used to join PEX tubing or other types of tubing or pipes. These fittings work by compressing a ring or ferrule onto the tubing, creating a secure and watertight seal without the need for soldering or welding. They are commonly used in plumbing systems where ease of installation and flexibility are important.
  4. Fresh Water Systems: Freshwater systems typically refer to the entire plumbing network responsible for delivering potable (drinkable) water throughout a building or structure. This includes all the pipes, fixtures, valves, and components needed to supply clean and safe water for various purposes, such as drinking, cooking, bathing, and more.

If you have specific questions about these products or need more detailed information, you can reach out to Flairit through their website or contact them using the provided contact information. They can provide you with product specifications, pricing, and availability.

It’s worth noting that Flairit holds certifications from Cesmec in Chile and NSF for the international market, which guarantee quality and technology in their manufacturing processes.

Visit www.flairit.com and explore the product that suits your new fluid system.


Website: https://www.flairit.com
Adress: 1126 Kent St. Elkhart IN 46514
E-mail: michelle1@escousa

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